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MY next agenda is to get this book to film. Here is what my proofreader/editor wrote to help me in my quest:

“The Contest” by Carne Maxwell.

I wanted to write a note to accompany this book on its travels around the world in order to recommend it most highly.

Carne came to me as a first-time author, looking for proofreading and editing help, but she needed very little of either.  The book flows wonderfully well and her skills as a storyteller seem innate.

“The Contest” contains elements of romance, sex and plain, outright horror. In fact, while there are movies that were made for the big screen that should never have been allowed, “The Contest” would, in my opinion, not only stand the test of time alongside films such as “Cape Fear”, but could possibly break some box office records, given the right cast.

From a deceptively benign beginning, the tension builds to a crashing and utterly unexpected finale, with heart-stopping and shocking moments along the way.


As a literary professional and, more importantly, as a reader, I’m eagerly awaiting Ms Maxwell’s second book, which I am certain will be every bit as enthralling as “The Contest”.


With very best wishes,

Lel Scott, Hawkeye Proofreading Services.

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