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Nineteen-year-old Melissa and her three friends, Katrina, Belinda and Alison, take up an offer of work for the Christmas holidays on Melissa’s uncle’s tomato farm on Waiheke Island. The girls can’t wait to swap their university days for the carefree life, summer provides. However, Melissa hasn’t seen her uncle and her two cousins, Seth and Tyler, for eight years, and when she arrives at their home, her life becomes more complicated than she could ever have imagined.


Katrina, Belinda and Alison find Seth and Tyler promising attractions, and feeling sorry for their friend, push Melissa into the hands a handsome stranger. When Melissa finds herself compromised, she does the only thing she can think of: she tells one little lie. 


Melissa’s deception turns her holiday upside down. When one of her friends goes missing, and the police start their investigation, Melissa finds that her lie starts to unearth secrets buried for years. Secrets, which send Melissa, her family and her friends down a path of violent clashes of the past, the present and ultimately the future.






“I read and thoroughly enjoyed The Contest and Redemption - and am very much looking forward to the final book in that trilogy - so I was keen to read this standalone novel by Carne Maxwell. It didn’t disappoint. It has a wonderful plot, excitement and twists galore, believable characters, and is set on the beautifully-described Waiheke Island. It’s a sure winner for fans of the crime genre and I highly recommend it.” Lel Scott, proofreader and editor, PublishMe.

"I really enjoyed 'One Little Lie'. Like Carne's other books this is a fast paced, suspenseful novel that hooked me in right from the start but then developed into an intriguing multi-layered thriller. I thought it was brilliantly set on Auckland's Waiheke Island, and featured a whole cast of well-crafted and memorable characters. Carne does a superb job of weaving several intricate plot-lines into a really clever and unique narrative that all pulls together in an unpredictable ending. Great characters, beautiful setting, sharp dialogue, fast-paced action- a perfect book for summer!" Jonathan Ward at Elements Physiotherapy

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