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ISBN 978-0-473-68441-9

A stalker that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Sometimes, lying is easier than telling the truth, but it can lead down a dangerous road.

Terrance Tiller is on a quest to prove Mark Wentworth's innocence. He thinks he knows who framed Mark for the abduction of Mikey Booth. Terrance believes he's found evidence that will force Detective Sergeant Wood to re-open the case. Unfortunately, what Terrance doesn't know while he watches Mary and Peter is that someone is watching him.

Lurking in the shadows is a stranger waiting for an opportune time to strike. When he does, Terrance wishes he'd let the police do their job. Instead, his obsession with clearing an innocent man suddenly turns into the fight of his life. When faced with an impossible choice, and with time against him, Terrance realises he could lose everything.


Who would like an arm chair experience of wading through a thick dark forest in New Zealand?  Well here you go, this is an experience never to be repeated again.  This particular book will take you to a suspenseful dark place in the thick of it, where two young lads roughly 12 years, plus an adult end up.  Not by their own making mind, but by the hands of a lunatic, but this is only one part of the book of many plot twists.... the lunatic still remains at large, can the authorities catch him.     
I liked how .....
🔑 Carne Maxwell mentions,  Karaka & Kowhai Trees, Toetoes,  moreporks, all that are known here in New Zealand. 
🔑  the Waikato River, Waiuku, Manukau Heads, Mount Wellington,  Raglan, were featured, these are true places within the North Island.  I've been to Raglan and it's well known for its fish and chips.
🔑 humour was used, it definitely balanced the book out with the suspense scenarios. 
🔑  there are quirky little sayings such as,  "rinky-dinky",  "hanky-panky",  plus alot more. 
So what an experience! So what happend to Mary? All I can say is, Mary is quite intelligent when backed into a corner.  
This is a cleverly written story,  honestly this is an author to keep your eyes on. 
5 star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.
Well done Carne Maxwell for giving me a highly entertaining experience, much appreciated. 
Recommendation - detectives are prominent, so if you want a book full of snooping this will set you up nicely.  Gruesome and dark in places.  A heavy loaded book, weighing in at 425 pages, it's fast paced, gripping, with New Zealand scenery, plus it is written by a  NZ author and would make a great movie.
Genre - Crime Fiction, Mystery

Instagram book reviewer - paulinereidbookreviewer

Having been sent a copy of this book as a pre-release to offer my thoughts, I first decided to re-read the previous books in the trilogy to reacquaint myself with the characters! I found it helped enormously so that when I started 'Mary' I was fully involved with the main characters and wanted to know how their lives unfolded! I wasn't disappointed as Carne continues the roller-coaster pace of the plot! Set in and around Auckland it felt cosy in some regard but completely not so as the body count mounted! A thriller in all senses of the word, and tightly written. I couldn't put it down until I had resolved the outcome.

Read it - you won't be disappointed.

Kathryn Trounson

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