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For the Love of Mary

Read as a stand-alone and then go back to where it all began.


A stalker that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Sometimes, lying is easier than telling the truth, but it can lead down a dangerous road.

Terrance Tiller is on a quest to prove Mark Wentworth's innocence. He thinks he knows who framed Mark for the abduction of Mikey Booth. Terrance believes he's found evidence that will force Detective Sergeant Wood to re-open the case. Unfortunately, what Terrance doesn't know while he watches Mary and Peter is that someone is watching him.

Lurking in the shadows is a stranger waiting for an opportune time to strike. When he does, Terrance wishes he'd let the police do their job. Instead, his obsession with clearing an innocent man suddenly turns into the fight of his life. When faced with an impossible choice, and with time against him, Terrance realises he could lose everything.

For the Love of Mary

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