When technology gets in the way of doing your bit for the planet

Well I've been trying to help with re-using plastic bubble-bags or making cardboard boxes to send my books to readers. It's only a little thing but if everybody re-used things then surely it cuts down on what goes to the dump.

So I go to the post-office and say to the attendant that I know I have to pay the extra for the bag and it will not be $5.00, (I still have some bags at the old price), but $5.50 and I need to pay the extra 50c. I am told I can't do that. What? I ask why not? I couldn't really understand what the attendant said as they talked quite softly and rather quickly. Anyway, she went to the cupboard and pulled out a brand new bag and deposited my bag inside and then said $5.50.

I know it may have something to do with the scanner at the other end but surely there is some way for human intervention in cases like these.

I tried to do the right thing but ended up with two bags going out. Seems luxurious to me in a time when the world is trying to reduce waste - not make more.

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